DeSoto Access Transportation accommodates a wide variety of student transportation and lifestyle needs, including the needs of individuals with disabilities. DeSoto Access transports special needs students who cannot ride the school bus and college and university students who may be on their own and away from their families.

DeSoto Access goes beyond traditional Transportation Service. DeSoto drivers, with additional licensure, transport special education students to their schools and after-school programs.

Our experienced drivers take pride in providing comfortable and safe transportation for the blind, hearing impaired, and customers with behavioral health needs. DeSoto Access currently contracts with educational institutions and local boards of education, among others.

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Student Transportation represents a core sector of our business. Rest assured your child is in safe hands with our student transportation services.

From private, semi-private and special needs services, field trips and team sports, we've built our reputation as a leader in student transportation.

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Special And Behavioral Health Needs Students